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List of FREE private docker registry and repository

With docker becoming more and more widely popular, the need for hosted container registries and respositories has grown. These registries can be quite expensive for an infrequent developer. Luckily there are a few places online where you can find free hosting.

Using IDbContext and Moq4 to ease DI and test your Entity Framework context and code.

Not having an interface for DbContext sometimes makes it hard to do some testing when working with a pure interface based architecture especially when combining this with dependency injections.

So to cope with problem I've created my own implemention of na IDbContext interface.

Adding Basic Auth to your MVC application in .NET Core

So you want to secure your api or you mvc application? And you want to keep it really simple! Well then Basic Auth might be just right for you!

How to create a url- and seo-friendly string in C# (text to slug generator)

So, the other day I stumbled upon a discussion on StackOverflow about generating a url friendly slug. I found the problem quite interesting and decided to give it a go on solving this in .NET Core.

20+ of the best image placeholder services on the web 2019

A list and implementation guide of some of the best image placeholder sites on the internet.

Request throttling in .NET Core MVC

Security in apis are important and we might not want the apis we build to be overly used. I built a small attribute function that allows for throttling of a specific endpoint.

IdentityServer 3 Starter kit - Part 1: Installing IdentityServer 3, ASP.NET Identity and Entity Framework

Part one i a small guide-series in creating a starter kit for IdentityServer 3 with ASP.NET Identity and Entity Framework for persistent data. In this part I will be focusing on setting up the basics, and configuring IdentityServer and ASP.NET Identity.

Disabling built-in chrome in Visual Studio 2017 / 2019 from starting when debugging

With the release of Visual Studio there is a new feature for debugging in JavaScript, which is great, but unfortunately this has a side effect. When you start your debugging, Visual Studio launches a new instance of chrome that is unrelated to your normal chrome instance. For me this is quite annoying, especially since I don't need to debug any JavaScript applications. Luckily this can be turned of quite easily by just changing a setting.

EPiServer authentication done with OpenID Connect and IdentityServer

A simple guide and example code for setting up the basics for working with EPiServer and OpenID Connect. There will be a few steps about IdentityServer as well but not a full setup guide.

Moving all Azure resources from one resource group to another, across subscriptions

Guide on how to move all Azure resources from one resource group to another, across subscriptions using power shell.