List of FREE private docker registry and repository 2020

An regularly updated list of FREE private docker registries and repositories

Johan Boström

2 minute read

With docker becoming more and more widely popular, the need for hosted container registries and respositories has grown. These registries can be quite expensive for an infrequent developer. Luckily there are a few places online where you can find free hosting.



Private repositories: Unlimted
Public repositories: Unlimted

TreeScale offers both unlimted private and public repositories. The only limits are 500 Pull actions/month and 50 GB Registry space. Unfortunately, the user interface is sometimes a bit buggy when it comes to updating the statistics and data, but all functions works correctly when using the repository.



Private repositories: 20
Public repositories: N/A

Canister is a great choice if you only need a few private respository. The interface works great and gives a good user experience.



Private repositories: Unlimited
Public repositories: N/A

GitLab allows you to solve your CI/CD with them and there among the docker repository “problem”. The only negative aspect of the site is that it’s not dedicated for docker repositories which forces you to create an entire new project when you might only want a repository.


Docker Hub

Private repositories: 1
Public repositories: Unlimited

Docker Hub, the orignal. If you are only i need of one private repository, this is the one to get. Great interface and works like a charm.


If you only are in need of docker repository and can manage to stay under 20 repositories I would recommend using Canister. Though if you are willing to move your entire project to GitLab I would recommend that as well. Since you can get the “complete” experience from one provider.